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Changezi, S. H. and Biseth, H. (2011). Education of Hazara refugee girls in a Diaspora: education as empowerment and an agent of changeResearch in Comparative and International Education, 6(1): 79-89

Gudmundsdottir, G. B. (2011). From digital divide to digital opportunities? A critical perspective on the digital divide in South African classrooms. Doctoral dissertation, University of Oslo, Oslo

Holmarsdottir, H. B. (2011). Mapping the Dialectic between Global and Local Educational Discourses on Gender Equality and Equity. In: J. C. Weidman & W. J. Jacob (Eds.), Beyond the Comparative: Advancing Theory and Its Application to Practice (pp. 193-216). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers

Holmarsdottir, H. B., Ekne, I. B. M. and Augestad, H. L. (2011). The Dialectic between Global Gender Goals an Local Empowerment: girls' education in Southern Sudan and South Africa. Research in Comparative and International Eduation, 6(1): 14-26

Piattoeva, N. (2011). Editorial: Schooling for multiculturalism? The 

case of Finland. Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration, 5(3), 4-8

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