NOCIES are delighted to announce that the updates our Constitution were confirmed by a unanimous vote at the EGM elections on May 10 2024. The Updated Constitution will be uploaded on the website at our earliest convenience.


We wish to extend a warm welcome Dr Nanna Ramsing-Enemark in the role as Treasurer on the EC and to Dr Anthemis Raptopoulou and Dr Brendan Munhall as our two new Supplementary EC Members of the NOCIES Executive Board 2024-2025.


Nordic Comparative and International Education Society 

NOCIES is composed of academics and researchers from various Scandinavian universities and other research institutes. Its aim is to encourage the growth of comparative and international studies by:

  • promoting and improving the teaching of comparative education in institutions of higher learning;
  • stimulating research in the field;
  • facilitating the publication and distribution of comparative and international studies;
  • organising conferences and meetings for members and other educationists.

NOCIES is represented at international conferences held by such organisations as the Comparative and International Education Society-USA and the Comparative Education Society in Europe. 

Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education

Focus and Scope

NJCIE is the only journal in the Nordic countries specifically addressing themes within our field and serves as a connecting node for comparative scholars in, or interested in, the region. The journal publishes papers that seek to analyze educational discourse, policy, and practice and their implications for teaching and learning, as well as papers investigating topics through an interdisciplinary lens focusing on new insights and fostering critical debate about the role of education in diverse societies. NJCIE is concerned with the interplay of local, national, regional, and global contexts shaping education. The ways in which local understandings can bring to light the trends, effects, and influences that exist in different contexts globally highlight the general understanding of Comparative and International Education in NJCIE.